Wednesday, 31 January 2018

AP Muncipal Teachers Promotions 2018 Sheduled Dates/Guidelines As per Memo NO 3246

1. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3-2, dt.06.12.2017.
2. Lr.Roc.No.475/2015/A6, dt.10.12.2017 of the RDMA, Visakhapatnam.
3. Lr.Roc.No.90/2017/A2, dt.l1.12.2017 of the RDMA,Rajahmahendravaram.
4. Lr.Roc.No.15571/2017/A4, dt.1L12.2017 of the RDMA, Guntur.
5. Lr.Roc.No.1188/2017/A3, dt.ll.12.2017 of the RDMA, Anantapur.
6. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3-1, dt.20.12.2017 addressedto the Govt.
7. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3-I, dt.20.12.2017.
8. Govt.Memo.No.881534/Dl12017-2, dated.30.01.20l8.

In continuation of the letter I"& 7th cited, I inform you that, in the reference 8th cited(copy enclosed), Government after careful examination of the matter have issued thefollowing clarification, so as to enable the appointing authorities to take up the process ofpromotion of Municipal Teachers, PETs etc. Government have requested this office to takefurther necessary action in the matter accordingly and instruct the authorities concerned tospeed up the promotions process as per the rules in force without delay and to avoid soughtfor unnecessary clarifications in this regard.

Therefore, all the RDMAs in the State and the Commissioners of GreaterVisakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation are requestedto take further necessary action for effecting promotions to the Municipal Teachers and tospeed up the promotions process as per the rules in force without delay, keeping in view ofthe above clarifications issued by the Government, duly following the following revisedschedule, without fail.

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