Tuesday, 27 February 2018

AP conduct of SMCs meetings on first Thursday of every month after school hours and on 01.03.2018 Rc,No.4037/AP/SSNCMO/A6/2016

 Rc,No.4037/AP/SSNCMO/A6/2016 Dated: -02-2018

Sub:- APSSA, Amaravathi - SMC Meetings - Deputed as State level observers
to Districts for monitoring the conduct of SMCs meetings - Orders -Issued Regarding.

Ref:- Note orders of State Project Director, APSSA, Amaravati vide para No.

The attention of the all Project Officers in the State is invited to the references
read above, and they are informed that the following officers of this office are deputed
as State level observers to Districts for streamline the functioning of SMC meeting,
increase the participation of parents / guardians, increasing the coordination &
understanding between parents & teachers, SMC meetings shall be conducted regularly.
In this regard SMC meetings shall be conducted on first Thursday of every month after
school hours and on 01.03.2018 the following officers will supervise the conduct of SMC
SI.No.    District Name of the Officer & Designation
1            Srikakulam Sri N.L. Narasimha Rao
2           Vizianagaram Sri K. Ravindra Reddy
3           Visakapatnam Sri.B.Krishna Mohan
4            East Godavari Smt.K.ChandraKala
5            West Godavari Sri.M.L.Kumar
6            Krishna Sri.P.Srinivas
7            Guntur Sri.K.Nageswara Rao
8             Prakasham Sri.G. Bharath Kumar
9             Nellore Dr. Narasimha Reddy
10          Chittoor Sri D.Pratap Reddy
11           Kadapa Sri B. Nageswara Rao
12          Kurnool Smt.V.Parvathi Devi
13            Ananthapur Sri K. Srinivas

Further, the State level observers are requested to visit the allotted Districts,
supervise the conduct of meeting and upload the SMC meetings Photos submit their
report to State Project Director.

The Project Officers are informed to provide lodging & Transportation facilities to
the State level O~servers during the visit to the allotted Districts. The TA & DA for the
State Level Observers may be met from the SPO Management.

The Proje~t Officers are requested to form teams with Sectoral Staff, Dy.E.Os.,
MEO & Other Staff at the disposal of the Project Officer for supervision on 01.03.2018
and take steps of bonduct of meetings by all SMCs regularly every month.

The members conperned.
The Finance Controller of this office.
All the District Project Officers in the State.

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