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Conduct of Science Question for class IX students on the Eve of National Science Day – Guidelines, Plan of Action

 Proc. Rc. No. 443/B2/C&T/SCERT/2015 Dated: 14-02-2018.


SCERT, AP, Amaravathi – Implementation of Calendar Activities – SRUJANOTSAVAM -2018 , Conduct of Science Question for class IX students on the Eve of National Science Day – Guidelines, Plan of Action - Reg.

Ref: 1. Academic Calendar Activities of 2017-18

All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that SCERT, Andhra Pradesh has developed Academic Calendar for the year 2017-18 in which SRUJANOTSAVAM – Science day is one of the activities proposed in the month of February 2018. In this connection SCERT is planed to conduct Science Quest in SRUJANOTSAVAM – 2018, for the students of Class- IX in all Government, Government Aided, Municipal, Residential, KGBV, Model and Welfare schools in the state.

The Science Quest will be conducted at three levels viz., Mandal level, District Level and State Level. In this connection all the DEOs are instructed to communicate guide lines and action plan regarding SRUJANOTSAVAM – 2018 - SCIENCE QUEST to the concerned schools. Further, they are informed to instruct all the Dy.EOs and MEOs, to conduct this event at Mandal and Division, District levels. The detailed guidelines and Action Plan are herewith annexed.



“Science is the third I for bringing human beings as being human ”

- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Science is an organized study of knowledge which is based on experimentation. There is a link between thought process and evalution of science. We know that human being is the only organism on earth with great thinking power. The ability of thinking of man makes our lives comfortable and convenient by his discovery and investigations or inventions. Searching for reasons and questioning are the basics of science and scientific development on the eve of Science Day- February 28th Department of School Education and SCERT is planned to conduct ‘Srujanotsavam-2018’ A Step towards promoting scientific thinking in all high school Children.


To promote interest among students learning science as a passion.

· To promote scientific attitude and creative thinking among students.

· To promote students to participate in science and technologies activities.

· To promote students to work against superstitions.

· To promote interest among students in research and innovations.


Srujanotsavam-2018 is a scientific thinking promoting activity among the students of class IX. A talent test is to be conduct for the students studying class IX who have burning desire of participating in science classroom with love of learning science.

The talent test is on application of scientific lass and principles in our daily life. This is not on mere content. The analytical, scientific thinking ability, attitude towards scientific temperament of the students will be tested. The test will be in bilingual.

Science talent test in Srujanotsavam-2018 will be conducted at 3 levels.

· Mandal Level

· District Level

· State Level


· Students of class IX.

· Students of Government Aided, Model Schools, KGBVs, Welfare, Residential Schools and Muncipal .

· Only 6 students (6 from class IX) will be allowed from each school, from both EM & TM sections.


Talent test in Srujanotsavam-2018 will be conducted in the following schedule.
· Competitions for students at Mandal Level 24-2-2018
· Competitions for students at District Level 26-2-2018
· Competitions for students at State Level. 28-2-2018
· Mandal Level first and second prize winners will be sent to District level.
· District Level first and second prize winners will be sent to State level.
· At State level an innovative spontaneous test may be conducted on 28-02-2018 followed by State Level Science fest.
· First Prize winner is awarded with Rs.3000/- cash prize, Memento and Certificate.
· Second Prize winner is awarded with Rs.2000/- cash prize, Memento and Certificate.
· Third Prize winner is awarded with Rs.1000/- cash prize, Memento and Certificate.
· All the State level participants will be honoured with Memento and Certificates.


District Educational Officer:

· Appoint District Science Officer as a Nodal Officer to conduct Srujanotsavam-2018

· Conduct co-ordination meeting with MEOs, Dy.Eos on modalities for conduct of Science talent test at Mandal and District levels. Appoint Dy.EOs. as divisional level Nodal Officers to conduct the said programme.

· Give wide publicity in all schools about Science talent test.

· Question paper for Science talent test will be mailed to DEO one hour before the examination.

· DEO inturn mail the question paper to all the MEOs half an hour before the examination and take printouts in the required number for the conduct of Mandal level talent test.

· District level test also conduct in the same lines.

Mandal Educational Officer:

· MEO is the competent authority to conduct Mandal level competitions.

· Select suitable venue to conduct Mandal level competitions.

· Appoint required number of teachers as Invisilators and evaluators.

· Keep all the activities should be transparent.

· Communicate Mandal level winners’ information to the District level Nodal Officer in the prescribed format.

· Prepare documentation of the total activity and submit the same to the District Educational Officer.

· Give publicity of the Mandal level winners in print and electronic media.


· Conduct staff meeting and inform the details of the activity, and select 6 students from class IX from both EM & TM.

· Fix responsibilities to the teachers to guide selected students to attend Science talent test.

· Conduct Science Day celebration on 28-2-2017 in the school by inviting local guests and SMC members.


An amount of Rs.5,000/- per district, Rs.2000/- per Mandal may be released to each district for conduct of Science Talent Test at Mandal and District level.

1. For Districts: @ 10000

2. For Mandals: @ 200


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