Friday, 9 February 2018

Constituting a Committee to offer their views/recommendations to resolve certain issues in Education Department

School Education Dept. – Constituting a Committee to offer their
views/recommendations to resolve certain issues in Education Department -
Orders - Issued.
G.O.RT.No. 27 Dated: 09-02-2018
G.O. Rt. No.4, School Education (Prog.II) Dept dated 09.01.2018
 The orders issued in the G.O. read above, are hereby superseded.
2. The Hon’ble Minister (HRD) has convened a meeting on 28.11.2017 in his
chambers with the Teacher Unions and Graduate MLCs, Special Chief Secretary
(SE), Commissioner of School Education and discussed the following issues and
ordered to constitute a committee for their resolution:-
1. Issues to be resolved pertaining and limited to 1998, 2008, 2012 DSC
Candidates, who lost their chances of selection due to reduction of
qualifying marks during the selection process.
2. Issues pertaining to the demand of regularization of contract lecturers
working in Junior Colleges.
3. Model School Teachers salaries and framing of service rules on par with
Government Teachers i.e. 010 Salaries and merging of Staff into School
4. Filling up of the 100% upgraded vacancies instead of 70% by promotion of
PETs & Pandits.
5. Promotions in Junior Colleges - RIOs, DVEOs & Principals.
6. Filling up of Teaching / Non Teaching posts in Aided Jr. Colleges on par
with Aided Schools in School Education Department as per existing rules.
7. Issue of delegation of DDO powers to MEOs concerned instead of DEOs,
in respect of Aided Teaching / Non teaching staff.
8. 40% quota for JLs promotion from the feeder category.
3. The Government, to consider all such issues as referred above, have
therefore, decided to constitute a committee with the following members of
Legislative Council to deliberate the above issues and to give their
views/recommendations and accordingly, the committee is constituted with the
following members:-
1 Sri Gade Srinivasulu Naidu, MLC Member
2 Sri A.S. Ramakrishna, MLC Member
3 Sri T. D. Janardhan, MLC Member
4 Sri Katti Narasimha Reddy, MLC Member
5 Sri V. Balasubrahmanyam, MLC Member
6 Sri Boddu Nageswara Rao, MLC Member
7 Sri P.V.N. Madhav, MLC Member
8 Commissioner of School Education,
Andhra Pradesh
Member Convener
9 Commissioner of Intermediate
Education, Andhra Pradesh

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