Thursday 31 May 2018

Child Care Leave,Maternity Leave,Paternity Leave and All types of Applications like CCL Paternity Tubectamy Abortion etc

On 27.08.2012, Finance Ministry issued 

clarification that Child Care Leave should be considered at par with any kind of leave during the period of which an employee will be entitled for House Rent Allowance for the first 180 days of leave. It was also envisaged that child card leave exceeding 180 days would require required certificate as stipulated for any other kind of leave.

 Child Care Leave for two months to the women employees Click her

Click here for child care leave GO Application form proceedings of Zp/Govt/Municipal Headmasters Application for Commutated/Half Pay/EoL Application Tubectamy/Histotomy Paternity leave and abortion applications.

For all Applications Click here

Maternity Leave Enhanced 180 Days G.O No.152 Copy

 Maternity Leave Application Form, Doctor Certificate Affidavit and all related useful Forms at one place click here

Paternity Leave Govt Order Copy


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