Tuesday 6 March 2018

Ap Implementation of E-Office at all levels of administration department wise Annexure list

Implementation of E-Office at all levels of administration – Heads-subheads for use in processing of files in E-Office – Orders – Issued. 


G.O.Ms.No.31 Dated: 06.03.2018. Read the following:-
1. G.O.Ms.No.149, G.A.(PU.A) Dept., dated: 18.10.2017
2. G.O.Ms.No.24, G.A.(PU.B) Dept., dated: 20.02.2018
3. G.O.P.No.01, G.A.(PU.A) Dept., dated: 26.02.2018
4. G.O.Ms.No.28, G.A.(PU.A) Dept., dated:27.02.2018


In the reference 1st read above, the Secretary to Government (Political) and the Additional Secretary to Government (Cabinet) were appointed as Nodal Authority and Deputy Nodal Authority respectively to monitor the implementation of E-Office and Biometric attendance in all Government Offices in the State. In the reference 2nd read above, instructions were issued on receipt and process of Tappal in e-Office for implementation by all Secretariat Departments. In the reference 3rd read above, the Government have notified the coding system for various entities from the level of Secretariat Departments to Unit Offices in the State in HRMS Code Book Version 1.0 and the portal www.codes.ap.gov.in. In the reference 4th read above, for the HODs that have two wings/units at the District level with parallel hierarchy and independent, reporting to the District Collector, Sub-Global organisations were created to the Global organisation i.e. the HOD at District level. The Entity master which defines the nature of organisation unit i.e., office/peshi or section including its hierarchy has been issued for implementation of e-Office in Government Offices along with the codes to Sub-Global organisations at District level with Entity codes.

2. In Secretariat Office Manual certain heads and subheads were given for indexing the files. In view of the implementation of e-Office at Government Offices from Secretariat level to district level, it is required to re-notify heads and subheads. Accordingly, certain heads and subheads pertaining to all the Departments of the Secretariat and HODs have been prepared in consultation with them and annexed to these orders.

3. All the officers/employees who generate files in e-Office shall make use of these heads and subheads, so as to make their retrieval easy and also to standardise the processing of files. 4. The State in-charge, National Informatics Centre (NIC) with the support of NIC, Delhi, shall make available these heads and sub heads in e-Office applications immediately. (PTO) ii ::2:: 5. The Departments of Secretariat shall issue necessary instructions to all concerned including offices working under their control to make use of these heads and sub heads. These heads and sub-heads may be amended and revised orders issued by the Secretariat Departments concerned from time to time.

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List of Index Heads and Sub-heads 


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