Saturday 3 March 2018

Implementation of Pemandu Lab Recommendations- Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (Multi Grade Multi Level teaching methodology of Rishi valley)- Relieving of Core team members


 Sub:-  School  Education  Department  –  SCERT-  Implementation  of Pemandu  Lab    Recommendations-  Ananda  Lahari  Abhyasana (Multi  Grade  Multi  Level  teaching  methodology  of  Rishi  valley)- Relieving  of  Core  team  members  for  different  spells  – Instructions  –  Issued  –  
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Ref:     Minutes of the review meeting held on 1-02-2018   & & & &  & All  the  District  Educational  Officers  and  Project  Officers  of  Sarva Shiksha  Abhiyan  in  the  State  are  hereby  informed  that  as  a  part  of  MoU  with RIVER  TIDE  of  Rishi  valley,  it  is  proposed  to  extend  the  Ananda  Lahari Abhyasana  (ALA)  project  to  3rd,  4th  &  5th  classes  in  the  academic  year  2018-19. For  this  purpose,  text  book  content  has  to  be  integrated  in  to  the  ladder  process of  Rishi  valley  methodology.  In  this  view  the  teachers  mentioned  in  the Annexure  I  &  II  are  identified  as  Subject  Coordinators  and  core  team  members in all 4 subjects.

Further  it  is  informed  that  the  participation  of  all  the  identified Subject  coordinators  and  core  team  members  as  per  the  Annexure  I  &  II  is  very much  necessary  to  complete  the  huge  task  of  integration  of  text  book  content into ladder process. In  this  view  all  the  District  Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are  requested  to relieve  the  core  team  members  as  per  the  Annexure  I  &  II  well  in  advance  so  as to  enable  them  to  report  against  their  spells  Annexure  III  by  8.00  a.m  on  the first  day  of  the  spell  at  Rishi  Valley  Institute  for  Educational  Resources,  of Madanapalle Mandal,  Chittoor  District.

For  any  further  clarifications  please  contact,  Sri.  A.  Satyanarayana 8897966414  &  Smt.  V.  Vijaya  Durga  9866571213,  State  coordinators  of  ALA  , SCERT. This has got the approval Commissioner of School Education. Encl :  Annexure I, II & III. TO Sd/-M.Venkata Krishna Reddy DIRECTOR SCERT, AP, AMARAVATI. All the District Educational Officers in the State All the Project Officers of SSA in the State The Directors, RIVER TIDE of Rishivalley  for favour of information Copy  Submitted  to  the  Commissioner  of  School  Education,  AP,  Amaravati for kind information. Copy  submitted  to  the  State  Project  Director  ,SSA,  AP,  Amaravati  for  kind information.

Click here to download complete Rc and Annexure1&2


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