Tuesday 6 March 2018

TS SSC,INTERMEDIATE April/May, 2018 Tatkal Scheme- Payment of examination fee from 7th to 12th March, 2018 - Due dates

Tatkal Scheme- Payment of examination fee from 7th to 12th March, 2018 - Due dates, communication of Schedule for submission of Fee Paid List

All the District Educational Officers are aware that the due date for payment of examination fee for SSC & Intermediate (TOSS) Public Examination, April/May, 2018 will be over by 06.03.2018, for the advantage of the candidates who have not paid the examination fee in time they can avail
the ‘Tatkal Scheme’ which is in vogue for the SSC & Intermediate (TOSS)Public Examinations.
The candidates can appear for SSC / Intermediate (TOSS) Public Examinations. April/May, 2018 under ‘Tatkal Scheme’ by paying Tatkal fee of Rs. 500/- for SSC and Rs.1000/- for Intermediate in addition to the normal examination fee as detailed here under in between 7th to 12th March 2018,

subject to the following conditions.

i. The candidates should have got already admitted during the academic year 2017-18.
ii. Failed candidates already appeared for examinations.
iii. The bio-data of the candidate should have reflected in the “Mee Seva” Centers under the concerned AI Code.
iv. Must have put in the minimum required PCP attendance
v. Other than the above candidates, ]
The examination fee paid by the not eligible candidates if any shall not be refunded nor allowed to the examinations.
vi. Necessary action will be initiated against the AI-Coordinators who sponsor such ineligible candidates under this scheme apart from derecognizing the Accredited Institution.


SSC, April/May, 2018

  • Tatkal fee Rs.500/-
  • Examination fee for Theory per subject Rs.100/-
  • Examination fee for Practical per subject Rs.50/-
  • TOC fee per subject Rs.100/-
  • Improvement of Performance fee per Paper Rs.100/-

INTERMEDIATE, April/May, 2018

  • Tatkal fee Rs.1000/-
  • Examination fee for Theory per subject Rs.150/-
  • Examination fee for Practical per subject Rs.100/-
  • TOC fee per subject Rs.150/-
  • Improvement of Performance fee per Paper Rs.250/


  • Tatakal Scheme duration                      07.03.2018 to 12.03.2018
  • Last date for payment of ‘Tatkal’ fee by the candidate In the “Mee Seva Centers    12.03.2018
  • Last date for submission of Fee Paid Lists under TATKAL by the AI Coordinator to the DEO.13.03.2018
  • Last date for submission of Fee Paid NR by the DEO to the Head Office.14.03.2018

All the AI coordinators are requested to submit the following enclosures in respect of the candidates who paid the examination fee under Tatkal scheme.

1. Fee paid List (Bio data)
2. SSC Xerox copies for Inter.
3. QPP statement. (proforma already communicated)
4. If PH candidate, application of the PH candidate duly recommended by
the DEO(proforma already communicated), Xerox copy of Medical certificate. List of PH candidates (proforma already communicated)
5. If TOC, original Inter second year failed marks memo to be enclosed.
6. If TOC, Original SSC Failed Marks memo to be enclosed.

All the above documents should be neatly tagged be kept in separate covers super scribed ’Tatkal’ candidates for SSC (TOSS)/ ’Tatkal’ candidates for Intermediate (TOSS) Public Examinations, April/May, 2018, shall be handed over to the district Educational Officer on the stipulated date.

The District Educational Officers are requested to issue necessary instructions accordingly to all the AI Coordinators in their district. Also issue necessary directions to the ERSTWHILE 10 DISTRICTS COORDINATORS, TOSS to submit the Tatkal Fee paid List on the stipulated date without any


All the District Educational Officers in the Telangana State.
The erstwhile 10 District Coordinators TOSS is requested mail this copy to all the AIs
in the District
Copy to the peshi Director of Telangana Open School Society, Hyderabad.
Copy to the Asst. Director, TOSS, Hyderabad.
Copy to all the sections in the Head Office.
Copy to all the Coordinators in the Head Office.


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