Thursday 12 April 2018

Ap All Districts GNANADHARA Schools list

Ap All Districts GNANADHARA Schools list

The core aspects of GnanaDhaara, yearlong continuous remedial program are as follows:
– This program will focus on improving learning levels of students of all Govt. and government aided private schools. Support will be provided by way of workbooks, teaching guidelines to Private school managements too.

– Subjects to be covered: English, Telugu, Mathematics and Science 
– Students from all classes [1-10] to be covered
– Subject teachers in schools will deliver remediation- training to all teachers through e-platforms to improve the delivery of remedial pedagogy .

As a precursor to the Year-long remediation, Summer Residential Remedial (SRP) program will be implemented in the following manner:

 For whom: Students entering classes 6 and 10 in AY 2018-19 will be considered, to help them bridge the transition from primary school to high school, and to give the Class 9 students confidence while going into Class 10 [SSC Board].
– Subjects: Maths, Language and Science will be the focus subjects for Class 10, while Telugu, English, Science and Maths will be the focus for Class 6

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