Tuesday 10 April 2018

Shaala Siddhi School Standards and Evaluation Framework user manual and app

Shaala Siddhi School Standards and Evaluation Framework user manual and app

“National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE) is envisaged as a positive step to enable all schools to continuously engage themselves in self-improvement”
The need for effective schools and improving school performance is increasingly felt in the Indian education system to provide quality education for all children. The quality initiatives in school education sector, thus, necessitate focusing on school, its performance and improvement. Therefore, a growing emphasis is being placed upon developing a comprehensive and holistic school evaluation system as central to school improvement.

The National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), is leading the National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE). The NPSSE is an initiative that aims at evaluating each school as an institution and creating a culture of self-progression
with accountability. The NPSSE visualizes ‘School Evaluation’ as the means and ‘School Improvement’ as the goal.
The programme envisions reaching all schools of the country by creating a sustainable and institutionalized system of school evaluation. Therefore, it seeks to develop a common understanding across stakeholders– of the what, the why and the how of school evaluation.
“In view of the great need toimprove standards of education at the school stage, we recommend that a nationwide programme of school improvement should be developed in which conditions will be created for each school to strive
continually to achieve the best results of which it is capable”
Education Commission, 1964-66National Programme on School

Guiding Principles of NPSSE

  •  Based on Constitutional values, National Policies on Education, Curricu-lum Frameworks, Right of Children to Free and Compulsory EducationAct (2009) and national schemes like SSA and RMSA
  •  Visualizes school as the unit for evaluation, keeping learners at the cen-ter stage
  •  Focuses on School Evaluation as a continuous process leading to schoolimprovement in an incremental manner
  • Envisions School Evaluation as a collaborative endeavor of all stake-holders at different levels
  •  Empowers each school to understand its own performance so as to em-bark on a journey of continuous self-improvement

1.1 Major Objectives of NPSSE

To develop a technically sound conceptual framework, methodology,instrument, and process of school evaluation to suit the diversity ofIndian schools
To create an institutional mechanism and develop a critical mass of humanresource for adaptation and contextualization of the school evaluationframework and practices across states
To develop capacity of schools and systemlevel functionaries to institutionalise
school evaluation leading to school improvement in a sustainable and continuous manner
 To facilitate the system to be responsive to school-specific needs, analyseschool evaluation reports across systemic levels and initiate appropriate policy interventions.             

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