Monday, 7 May 2018

AP Eamcet Mock Counselling 2018

AP Eamcet Mock Counselling 2018: 

This Eamcet Mock Counselling tool helps engineering students to predict the courses and universities or colleges that they are going to get admit. The Eamcet Mock Counselling tool analyzes the Student Marks, courses, Reservation(caste), Region, Gender and then displays the possibilities of admission based on the previous year seat allotment details.

Eamcet Mock Counselling Caste(category) wise:

  • OC - Boys / Girls 
  • SC - Boys / Girls 
  • ST - Boys / Girls 
  • BCA - Boys / Girls 
  • BCB - Boys / Girls
  • BCC - Boys / Girls 
  • BCD - Boys / Girls 
  • BCE - Boys / Girls 
Note: 1. In this mock counselling Last rank statement doesnt reflect the candidates admitted in special categories(reservations) like PH, NCC, Sports and Games, Children of Armed Personnel (CAP) seats, State wide college and Minority college. 

2. Every care has been taken to give accurate information by APSCHE. The Ranks shown are at the end of Web Counseling process and doesnt indicate the dropouts / spot admissions. 
3. The statement shall be used only for information to assess the mode of opting by candidates and shall in no way reflect the ranks upto which seat can be allotted in the present academic year
 4. The ranks indicated inclusive of the ranks allotted in respect of Consequential Vacancies arose at the last round of Allotment. Tags: Engg Mock Counselling, Eamcet Mock Counselling, mock counselling search, Eamcet mock college estimator, college mock estimator, engineering mock counselling, engineering mock web counselling, eamcet 2015 mock counselling, 2015 mock counselling, mock web counselling, best eamcet mock counselling tool, college predictor, mock college counselling.
 5. Provided last ranks based on combined eamcet web counselling of ap & ts, we will provide individual last ranks soon.

EAMCET 2018 Mock Counselling


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