Tuesday, 19 June 2018

AP DSC Psychology SGT/SA/PET/LPs– 05Marks Syllubus and Study material

AP DSC Classroom implications Educational Psychology – 05Marks Syllubus and Study material
1. Individual differences: Inter and intra individual differences, meaning, nature andtheories of intelligence with special emphasis to multiple intelligence, 
IQ, assessment of intelligence, EQ, Creativity. Attitude, Aptitude, Interest, Habit and its Influence on Intelligence – Class room implementation.

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2. Learning: Theories and approaches of learning, learning curves, Factors, Phases,Dimensions of learning, Types of learning, Transfer of learning. Memory, Forgetting,Learning and assessment– Class room implementation.

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Download Learning syudy Material3 
3. Personality: Nature, characteristics and theories of personality, factors of
Personality, Assessment of Personality, Mental health, Adjustment, Stress – 

nature,Symptoms and management. Emotional intelligence, Management of emotions –Class room implementation.

Download shishu sbhivruddi  vikasa dashalu material3 
Educational Psychology Study Material prepared by Dr Moses Emily Academy


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