Sunday 10 June 2018

Badi Pilustundhi Schedule from 12.06.18 to20.06.18 Day wise Activities

 Badi Pilustundhi Schedule from 12.06.18 to20.06.18 Day wise Activities .
“Badi Pilustondi” campaign is launched with the following objectives.
All children in the age group of 6-14 years shall be enrolled in the schools. There shall be no dropouts/ never enrolled children in any village.

No child shall be employed as child labour.
School should have the high quality infrastructure. The minimum requirement like., number of class rooms, toilets, drinking water etc. as defined in the RTE Act shall be fulfilled in all schools.
Quality education shall be imparted in all schools.
The schools shall also impart about the environmental issues like., Tree Plantation, Water Harvesting etc., to child.

Children shall be provided with excellent quality mid-day-meal. Mid-day-meal shall be provided in adequate quantity as per norms.
The mid-day-meals shall be prepared in hygienic environment and the hot mid-day-meal shall be served to all children.
All children shall be provided with entitlement like., Text Books, Uniforms as per the time schedule.
All children shall be imparted with the quality education, regular monitoring and continuous evaluation of the children learning outcomes and regulation of teachers will be ensured.
All Adults who are illiterates shall be made literates in the coming four years to achieve 100% literacy. While children below 14 years will be encouraged to enrol in schools, dropouts above 14 years can avail Open School system.
There shall be transparency in implementation of all the programmes and in incurring expenditure at schools.

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