Friday, 1 June 2018


Half pay Leave Rules in Telugu

Extension of Leave benefits available to employee sufferings from T.B. and Leprosy to employees suffering from cancer etc... (G.O.Ms.No.188, Dated: 30-07-1973

Eligibility for the grant of half pay leave to the temporary government servants - certain clarifications (Circular Memo.No. 20584/302/FR.I/74-1, Dated : 12-9-1974)

 Leave rules Liberalization (G.O.Ms.No.186 , Dated: 23-07-1975)

Drawal of full D.A. during half pay leave -Dispensed. (G.O.Ms.No.166, Dated: 23-09-1992)

 Encashment of leave on Half Pay at the time of retirement of Government Employees (G.O.Ms.No.342.Dated: 30-9-1994)

 Provided for the drawl of full pay to the extent of six months in lieu of six months half pay leave. (G.O.Ms.No.386, Dated: 6-9-1996)

 Encashment of Leave on Half pay at the time of Retirement of Government employees. (G.O.Ms.No.234, Dated: 27-10-1998)

Leave on Half Pay-Encashment of Leave on half pay at the time of retirement of Government Employees, (Memo No. 49578/905/PK.I/A2/98 , Dated: 23-02-199)

Allowances Dearness Allowance Admissibility of dearness Allowances during Half Pay Leave. (MEMO.NO.3220/87/A1/PC-I/05 , Dated: 19-02-2005)

Encashment of Leave on Half Pay at the time of retirement of Government Employees. (G.O.Ms.No.154 , Dated:04.05.2010)

 Payment of HRA and CCA while on Leave of all kinds in respect of State Government Employees. (G.O. Ms.No.28, Dated: 09-03-2011)


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