Thursday 7 June 2018

Telangana Teachers Transfers 2018 Online Application

Telangana Teachers Transfers 2018 Online Application  #Telangana Teachers Transfers 2018 Online ApplicationApplication for Transfer.

Teachers Transfers 2018 Schedule:

  • Submission of Verified printout copies along with certificates by the MEO to the DEO /RJDSIE 08-06-2018 to 12-06-2018.
  • Publication of Vacancy Lists 09-06-2018.
  • Objections on vacancy position to RJDSE/DEO  10-06-2018 to 11-06-2018.
  • Rectification of objections on Vacancy 12-06-2018.
  •  Validation of the application by RJDSE/ DEOs online 09-06-2018 to 13-06-2018.
  • Provisional eligibility list as per entitlement points and display of finalized vacancy list 14-06-2018.
  • Submission of Objections if any to RJDSE/DEO on entitlement points 15-06-2018 & 16-06-2018.
  •  Redressal of objections on entitlement points by RJDSE/DEO 16-06-2018 to 17-06-2018.
  • Display of final eligibility list as per entitlement points 19-06-2018.
  • Submission of Web Options by the applicants through online 20-06-2018 TO 23-06-2018.
  • Download the transfer list for Committee Approval 25-06-2018.
  • Issue of Transfer orders by RJDSE/DEO 26-06-2018.

Telangana Employees Transfers 2018 Rules G.O 61 released lifting ban. The transfers shall be made from 25th May 2018 to 15th June 2018 as per the schedule is shown in the Annexure-I. The ban on transfers shall come in to force with effect from 16th June 2018. 


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