Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Auditing of SMC / CRC / MRC Accounts for the F.Y 2017-18 - Guidelines

Sub: AP SSA, Vijaywada - Appointment of Chartered Accountant Firms to Conduct 1/3rd Sub District unit Audit (SMC/CRC/MRC) of accounts which have received the funds in the Districts of AP SSA for the F.Y 2017-18 Orders-Issued.

Ref: - Representation submitted by the Chartered Accountants.
          Under the powers vested with the State Project Director in para 105.1 of  FM & P of Manual on Financial Management & Procurement, the following Chartered Accountant firms have been appointed to conduct the Audit of 1/3rd of Sub District Units ( SMC/CRC and MRCs) which have received the funds of SSA in the District of Andhra PradeshJ Sarva Siksha Abhiyan for the F.Y 2017-18
       The Audit fees for each Sub District Unit is Rs.250/-Plus tax J inclusive of all travelling, lodging, boarding & other incidental expenses. Audit of Sub District units shall be taken up at respective Sub District Units.

Auditing of  SMC / CRC / MRC Accounts for the F.Y 2017-18 - Guidelines 

Audit Deliverables :
Receipts & Payments Account
1) Bank Reconciliation Statement
2) Performance Audit Report as prescribed in A &B of ToR
The Project officers are directed to provide the list of 1/3rd Sub District Units to concern Chartered Accountant by giving preference.
1) Grants received by the Sub District Units of Rs. 1 lakh and above during the financial year 2017-18
2) Sub Districts units which was not covered the audit in previous years.
Terms of Reference is enclosed herewith which should be signed by you conveying acceptance of the assignment before undertaking the assignment and should be completed by 31st July 2018.


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