Friday 6 July 2018

CPS - PRAN Password Recovery - I PIN Reset - Generate e-PRAN - Re Print PRAN Card - Guidelines from Treasury

Sub:- NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM - Subscribers' Services Reset l-PlN; and Generate e-PRAN - Provided by CRA - all Treasury Officers / PAOs / PAO (W&A)s - Reiterated - O/o The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati @ lbrahimpatnam.- Facility of Instant -instructions issued to Regarding.

01). This Office Cir. Memo No. D(ll)2/14457/2013, Dated 21/02/2014.
02). This Office Cir. Memo No. D5l14457/2013, Dated 0q/10/2014.

I PIN Reset - Generate e-PRAN - Re Print PRAN Card - Guidelines from Treasury

       Attention of all the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in the State is invited to this office references cited (annexed herewith for ready reference), wherein instructions have been issued to all the Treasury Officers on functionality for 'instant Reset l-PlN' (Internet Personal identification Number); and 'Generate e-PMN' and also directed them to discourage the requests for'Re-issue of l-PlNs 'and 'Reprint PRAN' in view of the above said functionalities. 

On recent review, it is found that, the Treasury Officers have still authorized the requests of subscribers for'Re-issue of l-PlN / T-PIN'and'Reprint PRAN', even though specific instructions were issued by this office in Circular Memo 01st to 02nd cited. This kind of ineffective handling of these issues is not acceptable.

 All the Treasury Officers / PAOs / PAO (W&A)s are instructed to actively canvass with the Subscribers to use 'Instant Set / Reset I-PIN' (or) 'Reset Password using secret question' to activate their accounts; and 'Generate e-PRAN', which is a replica of PRAN card instead of 'Re-Issue of I-PINs' and 'Reprint PRAN' respectively. They are also instructed not to authorize the reqests or 'Re-Issue o I-PIN T-PIN' and 'Re print PRAN' in future.CPS Reset I-PIN Re-Print PRAN should be done Online.
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