Friday, 20 July 2018

District level Co - ordination committee to redress the problems of Teachers - Instructions Rc.NO.30

Rc,NO.30 18.07.2108 School Education – Teacher problems – Conduct of District level co – ordination committee and consultative meetings to redress the problems of Teachers – Instructions

       The  attention   of all  the  Regional   Joint Directors of School   Education  in  the  state and   District  Educational   Officers   in  the   State is  invited   to  the  references  read  above, and    they  are   informed  that   in   the   reference   2nd   read    above,  where  in   necessary instructions   were  issued    to  them   to  examine the  representations   made  by  the  FAPTO & JACTO  members   and   solve  their   issues  as  per  the orders/instructions issued by the Government and  Commissioner of  School Education from time to time for  smooth functioning  of the  Department.

     Further  they are informed that   during the  Meeting   with  the  Hon 'ble  Minister for HRD with    FAPTO leaders   held on   29-03-2018 the   Hon'ble   Minister   for   HRD has directed  to  conduct  quarterly  Coordination  Committee  meetings  in  regular    intervals  to discuss  the  issues  of the  teachers.

     In  view  of the   above, all  the  District  Educational  Officers   and   Regional   Joint Directors  of School   Education  in  the  state   are  therefore  requested  to conduct  quarterly Coordination   Committee  meetings  with  FAPTO members  in  regular   intervals  to discuss the  issues  of the teachers in  their jurisdiction without  fail. 

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