Friday 6 July 2018

E Hazar bio-metric attendance by using School U-DISE and Employ ID.

Govt of AP has introduced EHAZAR System in All Schools in AP to ensure 100% Bio-Metric Attendance System with an aim to ensure online monitoring of Attendance of students and teachers.

 It is expected to help in better delivery of education services extended to targeted students. This EHAZAR.COM project help Teachers to know whether EHAZAR Bio Metric Attendance / Leave is Marked or not. 

Teachers can also find their Login-Logout Timings through this system. Let us all cooperate for 100% Bio Metric EHAZAR.

E Hazar bio-metric attendance by using School U-DISE and Employ ID.

The Schools will be linked to the Central Server through Biometric devices. All students and teachers details will be enrolled on the devices. Regular attendance of Students and Teachers will be captured through biometric authentication.
Why E-Hazar.Com

First let You know that this is not Official Website. This is designed for information only, to reduce server Load on CSE Website. As to track our E Hazar we have to cross three, four steps like, State Reports->Dist Reports->Mandal Reports->School Reports, which increases server load. Here at, we are fetching the same result from CSE Website in single step hence the bandwidth and load on CSE Server will be reduced.

Click for EHAZAR Attendance Status Report


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