Saturday 28 July 2018

Old Pension Proposals to DSC 2003 Teachers

In Continuation to the reference 9th cited i wish to submit that the petition presented by Dr Gade Srinivasulu Naidu and Sri K Narasimha Reddy, MLCs regarding extending the old pension scheme to 2003 DSC teachers have been referred to to the committee on petitions for its examination in the referecne 10th cited .

Further, I submit that the Chief Secretary , Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation, Ananthapuramu District and representation of the official representative, Rastra Jatheeya Upadhyaya Parishad, Andhra Pradesh and President, STU, Andhra Pradehs, Hyderabad have already submitted to the Government to Implement the old pension scheme on the place of contributory pension scheme to the  employees and teachers to the Government vide this office Rc.No.115/Pension-1/2016, dated 26-04-2016.

Further I submit that the CPS system in being implemted to the employees in the State of Andhra Pradesh since 01-09-2004 But it was  not announced in DSC 2003 notification for recruitment of teachers. The DSC Notification was released on 13-11-2003 for written wxamination for 16,449 Posts and it was conducted on 4, 5 and 6th April, 2004 and anniunced the reselt on 11-06-2004. It was relayed in announcing the schedule of appointment. by that time old pension schmen was in force. It was not mentionde in DSC notification Late it was mentioned in next DSC 2006. As such the DSC 2003 selected teachers are requestin to abolishing the CPS system and retore the old pension system and accordingly issue orders in the matter.
In view of the above it is submitted that a letter has already been submitted in the Govt. Dated 13-05-2016 on the representions of the above petitioners representatives duly cancelling CPS to the employees and teachers who recruited after 01-09-2004 and providing all benefits to the teachers on superannuation by as per GO.MS.No:653, dated 22-09-2004, G.O.Ms.654, dated 22-09-2014 and G.O.Ms.No:655 dated 22-09-2014. But till to date no orders are recived so far.
Therefore , I request the Government to take necessary action in the matter.
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