Thursday, 2 August 2018

AP D.Ed 2nd Year Exams Time Table Batch 2016-18:

AP D.El.Ed 2nd Year Exams Time Table Batch 2016-18. Exams start from 10-09-2018 D.ed Batch 2016-18 students examinations also failed candidates begin from 10th September. Time Table for D.Ed., 2nd Year Examinations September 2018.

AP D.Ed 2nd Year Exams Time Table Batch 2016-18:
It is informed that the following is the Time-Table for D.El.Ed., and D.Ed., 2nd Year Examinations of 2016-2018 batch and also for failed candidates of previous batches of D.Ed., in Andhra Pradesh.

Timings: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM
10-09-2018 (Monday) Paper-I: Education in contemporary Indian society/ Methods of teaching  Methods of Teaching — Mother Tongue (Telugu/Urdu/Tamil) (New Syllabus).
11-09-2018 (Tuesday) Paper-II: Integrative gender and inclusive perspectives in Education (New Syllabus)/Methods of Teaching – English (Old Syllabus).
12-09-2018 (Wednesday) Paper-III: School Culture leadership and teacher development (New Syllabus)/Methods of Teaching – Mathematics (Telugu/Urdu/Tamil) (Old Syllabus).
14-09-2018 (Friday) Paper-IV: Pedagogy of English at primary level classes 1st to 5th as per new syllabus / Methods of teaching general science (Telugu/Urdu/Tamil) Old syllabus.
15-09-2018 (Saturday) Paper-V: Pedagogy of E.V.S at primary level classes IIIrd to Vth (as per new syllabus)/Method of teaching Social studies(Telugu/Urdu/Tamil) (as per old syllabus.
17-09-2018 Monday Paper-VI: Pedagogy of elementary level subject Classes VI to VIII (optional) (Telugu/English/Maths/Science/Social studies) New Syllabus.


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