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AP School Education - Mid-Day Meal Scheme - Guidelines formaintaining hygienic conditions as per Rc NO.83

Rc.No.83/C3l2018 Dt.04.08.2018
Sub :- School Education - Mid-Day Meal Scheme - Guidelines formaintaining hygienic conditions, providing required mats for eatingand measures to the taken in implementation of the scheme at districtand school level - Instructions issued -Regarding'
Jun 20Details
Ref :- Proc.Rc.No. 12411\/tDMl2Ol8, Dt.2'8.2018 of the Commissioner of
School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Ibrahimpatnam, Amaravathi'COCS CSCO CqCO

AP School Education - Mid-Day Meal Scheme - Guidelines formaintaining hygienic conditions as per Rc NO.83

All the Deputy Educational Offrcers/ Mandal Educational Officers in the District aredrawn to the refeience read above wherein the Commissioner of School Education, Andhrapradesh, Ibrahimpatnam, Amaravathi are issued Guidelines for maintaining hygienic conditions,providing required mats for eating and measures to the taken in implementation of the scheme atiirtri"t ia school level and they are aware that the Mid Day Meal proglamme is a flagshipprogramme aiming at enhancing enrolment, retention and attendance and simultaneouslyimpiouing nutritional levels among children studying in Govemment, Local Body andGovemmint-aided primary and upper primary schools and the Centres run under EducationGuarantee sctreme lrcs;i (ATE) & NCLP schools. As a part of implementation of Mid-DayMeal Scheme, NGOs and Trusts are also get associated with Govemment in implementation ofthe programme through centralized kitchen. A workshop has b.:en conducted on MDM with thedistrict teams on l1m and l2'n July 2018.
In this context, they are informed that during review of the scheme and at the time offield visirs/ inspection it is obserued that in mosl ofthe schools, the lollowing is the situation inimplementation of MDM
1. Food is prepared in the open areas, under the trees and the children are eating there it.The cool-cum-helpers ar- serving food sitting in varandah, students are standing in aline under the hot sun or shade of trees in the open for their tum to col'iect meals and
having meals sitting on dusty mantle floors. Furthcr two to three childten are eating
from iingle plate which is unhygienic. Such practices are causing food contaminations
that includes bacteria, yeasts, viruses or parasites that'ale plesent in air, water and soildirt etc. and lead to illnesses/sickness among students
2. The teachers are not getting adequately involved at the time of cooking and of serving ofmeals to the students and in ensuring systematic way ofcooking, delay and of quality ofMDM at school Point.
3. The cooking areas and utensils, used for cooking and sen,ing meals, are not being
cleaned properly.
4. Demonstrable effort need to be made to enhance quality and quantity of food being

served to children.
5. The rationale in prescribing the Menu is not properly understood and the guidelines arenot being followed ProPerlY'
6. All stored raw materials and ingredients are not being stored in a proper preserved
space/area and clean containers.
7. Inadequate community participation in monitoring ofthe meals, prepared and served atthe school point. For a programme like MDM, awareness and advocacy are of
paramount importance.
8. In certain schools the name of male cooks are mentioned. The bank accounts of retiredemployees or husbands/ relatives ofcooks are provided.tbr payment ofcooking cost/

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