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Chola dynasty Study Material For All Competitive Exams In Telugu Pdf.

Chola dynasty Study Material For All Competitive Exams Like DSC/TET ,Panchayat Secretary, VRO,All Groups Exams and All Comprtitive Exams.
Chola dynasty  13 th century, mainly in the southern Indian Tamil dynasty ruled. The Empire was born in South India throughout the catchment area of ​​the river Kaveri. 

Karikala Chola, Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra Chola, Chola Chola King kuttonga celebrities. 10,11,12 century was very peak of the Chola empire. Raja Raja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola during the Chola Empire in Asia militarily, economically, culturally, is much improved. 

Chola Empire of Andhra Pradesh in the south to the north of the Maldives | extended to the Godavari basin. Raja Raja Chola in the southern peninsula of India, some parts of Sri Lanka, maldivuluki expanded their empire. 

Rajendra Chola trip to northern India to victory over the ruling pataliputranni mahipaludini conquered the King of milk. After the "Malay archipelago" (Malay arkipelago) jaitra toured to the Chola kings. 12 satabdanki Pandya kings, founded in the 13th century Hoysala kings and their kingdoms dominated by the decline of the Cholas

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