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Rationalization of Drawing and Disbursement Officers of Tribal Welfare Department G.O.MS.No. 132

Tribal Welfare Department – Rationalization of Drawing and Disbursement Officers of Tribal Welfare Department – Financial Powers relating to maintenance of Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions (Hostels, Ashram Schools and Post Matric College Hostels) – Declaring the ATWOs as Drawing and Disbursement Officers w.e.f. September 2018 – Orders – Issued.

SOCIAL WELFARE (TW.EDN.1) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 132 Dated: 14-08-2018 Read the following:-
1)G.O.Ms.No.75, Finance (TFR) Department, Dt.03-09-1997.
2)G.O.Ms.No.75, Finance (TFR) Department, Dt.19-7-1999.
 3)G.O.Ms.No.75, Finance (TFR) Department, Dt:03-04-2014.
4)G.O.Ms.No.57, Finance (Budget-1) Department, Dt.07-04-2017.
5)Govt.Memo.No.25035/3/HR. IV/2018, Dt.29-03-2018 of the
 Finance (HR-VI-TFR-TA & AL) Department.
6)From the DTW, AP Rc.No.SOW03-17021(35)/58/2018-D SECCOTW,Dt.11-06-2018.
In the reference 6th read above, the Director of Tribal Welfare, AP, Vijayawada
has stated that in the reference 1st read above the Government have issued orders duly declaring Hostel Welfare Officers/Wardens/Matron as Drawing and Disbursement Officers (DDO) to meet the expenditure under the sub-head (05) Educational Institutions and according to which the HM/HWO is Drawing and Disbursing Officer in respect of the following sub-detailed Head of Accounts:
HOA:”2225-Welfare of SCs, STs & OBCs, 02-Welfare of STs, MH-277 Education,
SH (05) Educational Institutions:
Budget Head Description Sub Head Sub Detailed Head
010 000 Pay and allowances of the Cook, Kamati and Watchman etc., Class-IV staff working in the Hostel including their TA & DA etc., (payable to Warden in
130 131 Service, Postage, Telegram and Telephone Charges.
130 132 Other Officer Expenses
130 133 Water & Electricity Charges (W & EC)
140 000 Rents, Rates and Taxes of Hostel building.
210 211 Materials & Supplies (M & S)
230 000 Cost of Ration/Diet charges
270 272 Maintenance
280 284 Professional services (Tutors Honorariums)
300 000 Other Contractual Services (OCS)
500 503 Other Expenditure (Medical expenses)
500 504 Cosmetic Charges, Hair Cut Charges, Sanitary
napkins to Girls.
2. In the reference 3rd read above, Government have introduced electronic
payments to credit the amount directly to the beneficiaries’ bank account, in respect of all bills processed through Treasuries, for smooth implementation of the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) package.
3. In this regard, all the DDOs are presently presenting the bills to the Treasuries electronically using treasury Human Resources Management System (HRMS) package, apart from physical copy of bill. Now, in view to decision to implement electronic payments, the DDO have to submit the following details along with physical and electronic copies of bills to the Treasury.
i. The DDO shall feed the Bank Account details of all the beneficiaries like
employees, DDO Bank account details, third party details though
Treasury Portal.
ii. The DDO shall submit the bank account details of all beneficiaries of each
bill while submitting electronic copy.
iii. The DDO shall take the printout of the beneficiaries details from the
above system and enclose it to bill under proper signature.
iv. The Treasury will inform the status of each bill in the above portal from
time to time based on the information received from bank.
v. Whenever a transaction is failed, the DDO have to submit the correct
beneficiary bank account details both electronically and physically (hard
copy) for reprocessing the payment.
4. The Director of Tribal Welfare, AP, Vijayawada has requested the Government
to issue necessary orders withdraw the Drawing Powers from the HMs/HWOs duly declaring the ATWOs as DDOs for all educational institutions under their jurisdiction and to distribute the budget to the ATWOs to incur the expenditure under (05) Educational Institutions thereby reducing the DDOs.
5. In the circumstance reported by the Director of Tribal Welfare, AP, Vijayawada
in the references 6th read above, and in terms of orders/instructions issued in the reference 3rd & 5th read above, Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby withdraw the Drawing Powers of HMs/HWOs of Tribal Welfare Department and declare the ATWOs of Tribal Welfare Department as Drawing and Disbursement Officer to the Hostels & Ashram School under their jurisdiction, to meet the expenditure under (05) Educational Institutions thereby reducing the DDOs and for ensuring the smooth functioning of the Hostel system.

6. The above orders shall be implemented with effect from the month of
September, 2018.
7. The Director of Tribal Welfare, AP, Vijayawada shall take necessary action
8. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their
U.O.No.25035/16/2018, Finance (HR.V-TFR), Dated.24-07-2018.

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