Thursday, 13 September 2018

PRC 2015 Arrears Fixaton Proceedngs and Bill Preparation

All the DDO's are requested to feed the correct data to the system ,after the pay fixation statement and the bill along with the Due drawn statement shall be checked throughly with respect to the SR and only then the bills have to be submitted Treasury.

Please check Appendix-1 and Fixation Arrears before using Bill Preparation Button. 
If Bill preparaton button pressed and submit button pressed the PRC bill will be submitted to the Treasury, No changes will be accepted after submitting the bill to treasury in the system "

Open Case:1.Other wise Problematic cases may use This Option(You can update Month wise By give Orginal Basic of New Prc, Old Prc for the Month).

2.After makeing Modifications Go for fixation arrears and Bill Preparation


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