Tuesday, 20 November 2018

AP DSC 2018 Schedule for opted examination centers

Schedule for opted examination centers CONSTITUTION OF CENTERS

Institutions having spacious and sufficient number of rooms are to be constituted as Examination centres. Institutions proposed to be constituted as Examination centres shall be inspected by District Educational Officer of the concerned District personally. The number of rooms available in each centre and number of candidates to be
accommodated in each room shall be ascertained before allotting the candidates to any of the Examination Centres.

i. The identification of Examination centres and confirmation of Examination centres is the sole responsibility of the Agency which is entrusted to conduct A.P. Teacher Recruitment Test (TRT) and Teacher Eligibility Test cum Teacher Recruitment Test (TETcumTRT) as Computer Based Test.

ii. Each Centre should be equipped with good accommodation, furniture and computer infrastructure. Each Centre shall have a capacity to accommodate 300-500 candidates in a single session.
iii. The Centres in the District shall be identified in District Head Quarters, Municipalities, Revenue division and Mandal Headquarters only.
iv. Where required based on number of applicants particular category of post and subject centres may be identified in the adjacent districts of neighbouring states.

Schedule for opted examination centers


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