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Conduct of divisional level orientation Programme to the teachers of English medium primary schools in non-residential,Guidelines,Time table,Districtwise observes,SRPs List

 *Conduct of divisional level  orientation Programme to the teachers of English medium primary schools in non-residential,Guidelines,Time table,Districtwise observes,SRPs List ,Budject,Rc.254* *Proc. Re. No. 254/B/SCERT/2018   Dated: 14.11.2018*
⬛ *Sub:-   
SCERT -  Amaravathi -  Conduct of divisional level  orientation Programme to the teachers of English medium primary schools in non-residential   -  certain guide lines issued - Reg.*

πŸ”· *1. G.O.M.S.  No:  78/B/SCERT/2018*

πŸ”· *2.   Instructions of the Commissioner of School Education*

πŸ”· *3.   R.C. No: 254/B/SCERT/2018*

⬛ *All the DEOs in the State are informed that the Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced parallel English medium sections in 7461 primary schools.  In order to develop required proficiency in teaching all the subjects in English medium effectively,  the Department of school education has prepared an informative   hand book titled KNOW-HOW and  already organized a 5 day TOT for both SRPs and DRPs by SCERT successfully.*

⬛ *In this connection,  the Department has decided to conduct a 5  day training  to all the teachers of primary English  medium schools  (7461) from 28.11.2018    to 02.12.2018   at division  level in all the districts and for   Kurnool  district   in  2 spells i.e.   spell I,     28.11.2018     to  02.12.2018    and   Spell 2, 03.12.2018 to 07.12.2018   the trained SRPs and DRPs as per the guidelines stated below*

⬛ *The division level  training Programme should be conducted as a 5  day non-residential Programme from 9.00 AM to 5:00  PM*.

πŸ”· *1. One teacher from each English medium primary school, dealing I class, should be identified  and deputed by the District Educational  Officer to attend the above said programme.*

πŸ”· *2.Keeping in view of the total number of participants, 3  or 4 class rooms in every centre may be arranged as per need.*

πŸ”· *3.    Each Class room should not exceed 50 teacher participants*.

πŸ”· *4.  The entire training programme  should  be completed  in  one spell and for Kumool in 2 spells according to the dates mentioned below.*

πŸ›‘ *Spell - I*                     
from    28.11.18

πŸ›‘ *Spell - II(Kumool dist...Only)*       

from    03 .12.18 to         02.12.18
to 07.12.18

πŸ”· *5.  The DEO should allot a team of 3 to 4 DRPs to each division to act as Resource persons.*

πŸ”· *6.  Utilize  the  services   of  Trained  R.Ps   only who  have  undergone  DRPs  T.O.T   at Nagarjuna University by SCERT-A.P*

πŸ”· *7.  Make use of the services of SRPs those who are drafted to respective districts*.

πŸ”· *8.  MEOs of the concerned division  headquarter will act as venue coordinators and DyEO of the concerned division has to monitor training programme*.

πŸ”· *9.   The District Educational  Officer is the Course Director of the training  programme and AMOs of SSA will be the course coordinator.*

πŸ”· *10. A planning meeting should be conducted involving  DYEOs,  MEOs, AMO,  SRPs,  DRPs on or before 27.11.2018   to finalize all modalities of the programme*.

πŸ”· *11. The appended Annexure -  I and II should be filled in during the planning meeting and sent back to this office for further action by 27.11.2018*

πŸ”· *12.  All funds related  to this  programme will  be released   to the  DEOs  (Course Director for the training programme) and they should incur the budget as per the unit cost communicated  here with without any deviation*

πŸ”· *13. All the participants   should   be instructed  to attend  the programme   with  I Class  English,   Math and EVS textbooks  without fail*

πŸ”· *14.   All the venues should be identified with good amenities like safe drinking water, toilet,  electricity and necessary facilities etc ...*

πŸ”· *15 State officials  of C &  DSE,  SCERT and SSA will visit  the programme  as Observers as per Annexure - IV*

πŸ”· *16   The hand books" Know -  How" should be given to the RP s in the beginning of the training and to the trainees on the final  day. The acknowledgement of those  books  should be sent to

the Director, SCERT along with all other relevant Annexures.*

πŸ”· *17  All the district educational officers are requested to arrange biometric machines in all the venues and take the attendance twice a day i.e  9:00  AM and 5.00  PM.*

πŸ”· *18   Day wise attendance particulars should  be submitted to this office.*

πŸ”· *19  District  educational officers and project officers of SSA should visit  and monitor the training programme regularly.*

πŸ”· *20  All the district educational officers should submit the details  of the identified  venues by 23.11.2018   to this office (SCERT).*

πŸ”· *21    The district  educational officers are empowered to provide up to 10% exemption for the teachers who are suffering from severe health problems   and the teachers  who will be retired prior to January 2020*

πŸ”· *22. The venue coordinator should  ensure that the arrangement of hot and hygienic food with safe drinking water.*

πŸ”· *23 The DEO should provide basic medical  first aid kit at each venue.*

πŸ”· *24.  The   venue   coordinator   should   conduct   the   pre-test   on   28-11-2018       and   post-test   on 02-12-2018 and for 211d  spell pre-test on 03-12-2018 and post-test on 07-12-2018   and should be valued by the resource persons. The comparative statements should be analyzed by the SRPs  & DRPs in the training and the same to be furnished to the Director, SCERT.*
πŸ”· *25.  The DEO should submit utilization  certificates and bills  to this office within  15   days from the date of completion of training programme*.

πŸ”· *26.  For any other  information  regarding  this programme Please   contact  Smt.  G. Rajani Kantha Kumari,   Contact  No:   9866117097,    Email:,  Coordinator  of  this programme at SCERT, Amaravathi*
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