Monday 19 November 2018

*✨ Gnanadhara In Muncipal Schools and other Interventions during Summer vacation 2018 Sanction of Earned Leave Orders Issued Rc.11...⤵*

Proc. Roc. No.11/2018/FC-A1 Dt..10.2018
Sub: Municipal Administration Department –Implementation of GNANA DHARA in
Municipal Schools and other interventions during summer vacation 2018 – Sanction
of earned leave – orders – Requested – Regarding.
Ref: 1) Instructions of the Hon’ble Chief Minister during the District Collector’s
 Conference dated 19.01.2018
2) Lr.Rc.No.21/B/SCERT/2018 Dated: 06.04.2018  of the Commissioner of
 School Education AP, Amaravathi.
3) This office Circular dated 20-04-2018.
4) GoRt.No.542,MA&UD(D1) Department Dated: 22-05-2018.
5) Statement of Teachers, verified and submitted by the State Academic Coordinators,  O/o Foundation Course, DMA, A.P., Guntur.
In view of the subject read above, Sanction is hereby accorded of Earned
Leaves to Teachers, those who worked in Gnanadhara Programme which was implemented in all the ULBs for Municipal Schools Students of X Class (2018-19) from 01.05.2018 to 31.05.2018.
Gnanadhara (SMART) :

It is a day school summer remediation programme for the identified D1 and D2 students (Single Star) of IX Class (2017-18) and Present X Class (2018-19).
Gnanadhara (SPARK) :
It is a day school summer reinforcement programme for the identified 3 Star students of IX Class (2017-18) and Present X Class (2018-19).
2. This programme conducted in 58 Centres situated in 46 ULBs in the State:
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