Friday, 2 November 2018

MDM - Supply of Eggs through the existing Suppliers Rc.No.100 Dated: 01-11-2018

Rc. No.100/MDM/2018                                                     Dated: 01-11-2018
1. Govt. Memo NO.405505/Prog.l/Al l2016, date:28.03.2017 .
2. Govt. Memo No.635783 lProg.IlAl 12017, d,ate:28-06-2O17.
3. Govt. Memo No.292327 /Prog.I/A1 l2016, date:29-06-2017.
4. CSE procs. Rc. No. 100/ MDM/ 20 16, d,ate:29.06.2017 .
5. Govt. Memo NO.405505 / Prog.I/A | / 20 16, date:30.06.20 1 8.
6. Govt. Memo NO.ESEO1-1 1O23l5 lProg.r/ At /2016, date:03.07.2018.
7. Govt. Memo NO.405505/Prog.l/Al I 2016, date:23.07.2018.
8. CSE procs. Rc.No.51/MDM/2018, date:24.10.2018.
9. Letters/ Telephonic calls/ mails received from the DEOs.

          Government in its Memo 1st read above have accorded permission to the Commissioner of School Education to procure the Eggs(hen) and supply to the students under Mid-Day Meal Scheme. Accordingly, a tender had been floated and work was allotted to the selected three bidders as per Government memo 2nd read above. The cost ofone egg payable is Rs.4.68 ps including all charges.

         Government in its Memo 5th read above have accorded permission to the Commissioner of School Education to extend the tenure period for supply of Eggs to the existing firms from July-2O 18 till the completion of the tender process or three months whichever is earlier. After expiry of tenure the work of supply of eggs to the children was entrusted to the Cooking Agencies or NGOs/

Centralized Kitchens. But, the Cooking Agencies have expressed inability to provide eggs to the children in view of high cost ald non-availability of funds to meet such expenditure. The District Educational Officers in their letters 9th read above have informed that the several Cooking Agencies have represented stating that they are unwilling to supply eggs to the children.
                  In view of the above circumstances and keeping in view the welfare of the children the tenure of the existing bidders is extended until further orders for supply of eggs to the children under Mid-Day Meal scheme with immediate effect.
                The District Educational Officers are requested to take necessary measures for supply of five eggs per week to the children by the existing Agencies as per existing procedure/norms.


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