Monday, 26 November 2018

o retire fto**"It*i"" a*i"g the {:aI 2019 in the cadre ol PS HM U'ff'f ttef"g"t- Retire-menrNotice issued

Present:- t;iiit'' ["jv; iar'strmi' M'A'' M'Ed'' M'Phil''
Sub:- School Education- Krishna District- Age of-superan"t'{"1to retire fto**"It*i"" a*i"g the {:aI 2019 in the cadre olPS HM U'ff'f ttef"g"t- Retire-menrNotice issued'

Ref:- 1. AP Revised Pension Rules 1980'
2. Go MS ui i6p a p oepartment' dated: 08'02'1983'ESg gG0 Ets
Underthe Provisions contained in AP Revised Pension Rules 1980' Permission is
herebyaccordedtothePSHM(LFL)(Telugu)inKrishnaDistrictwhoaregoingtoberetiredfrom service during the year 20is on'ratrining the age of superannuation on the afternoon
of the dates mentioned against their names'
Permission now accorded is without preiudice to right for taking disciplinarya action aSains t the individual in accordance wih the allegations/charges if any received/
pending and proved in his/her tenure'
TheMandalEducationalofficersareherebyrequestedtoverifythedateofbirthof the individual once again with reference to the service register and then only serve thepermission orders to the incumbent' They are requested to inform this office if anydeviation is noted in the date of birth / date of retirement records for taking necessaryaction. They are also requested to take necessary relief and in-charge arrangements andreport comPliance'The receipt of the proceedings along with its annexure.
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