Saturday 12 January 2019

Download Duplicate File Remover or Duplicate Contacts Remover

# Introduction:
Duplicate File Remover or Duplicate Contacts Remover is the application which scans your phone's internal and external memory and gives you the exact results of having duplicate files or contacts. You can delete the appeared file or contacts one by one.
Duplicate file finder and duplicate contacts merger scans all types of files and contacts on your Smartphone and clean up the unnecessary space which have occupied by duplicate files. This application also works as a file cleaner or Whatsapp cleaner.

# Problem Statement for Duplicate File Remover:-

-> We all face problems there are more than one copy of same file be it's Media, photo or images, video, audio, docs, pdf or others because it occupies unnecessary space of you phone which is unwanted.

-> The main reason for having duplicate files is due to Whatsapp because it might have saved same image or video or audio or photo on downloaded folder and on sent items. This applies to other social media apps as well.

# The duplicate files are created under many conditions:

 - Having downloaded same file Duplicate File Remover or Duplicate Contacts Remover  times
 - Received same file from different sources ex. You might have received same picture from different contacts on your Whatsapp or from different social app (Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc.)
 - The time when your backup apps take a backup of your device.
 - The time when Android media apps create cached images or thumbnails.
 - The time when you are receiving files from Bluetooth and error occurs for an unknown reasons.

# Problem Statement for Duplicate Contacts Remover:-

 -> We all face same problems when we buy a new phone or sync and add social media account for ex. Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, etc. This will sync and store all your contacts into their cloud in a separate manner and when you try to sync it with your phone it will fetch and store all you contacts with all of your social media accounts. Hence the duplicate contacts occurs and you might have multiple contacts with same name and number.

# Problem Solution:-

 - The Duplicate Contacts Remover identifies and detects all your duplicate contacts and will give a chance to delete them individually.

 - You can search the duplicate contacts by same name or same number and perform an action such as by removing or merging it with other contacts.

# Features of the app:

 - Remove duplicate files for example, Photos, Images, Videos, docs, PDF created by Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media apps
 - Remove duplicate contacts from same phone numbers and same names and have a chance to delete them individually
 - Go to settings and have a chance to filter the search criteria for example, include specific files such as .mp3,.mp4,.png,.jpg and so on.
 - Has a backup directory for deleted results so you can restore the deleted operations.
 - Works as a Whatsapp cleaner, Storage cleaner, duplicate file cleaner, storage space cleaner, junk cleaner, etc.
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