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Instructions regarding the denial of admissions to Children with Special Needs (CwSN).

F. No. M6/2015 R\ISA-II/1EGovernment of India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department of School Education & Literacy

Shastri Bh^wan, New Delhi
Dated : 14lk January, 2019
All Slates and L'Ts
Commissioner, KVS
Commissioner, NVS
Chairperson, CBSE
Subject: Instructions regarding the denial of admissions to Children with Special Needs

The Right of Children lo Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 being implemenicd since April I. 2010 mandates free and compulsory elementary education for all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years. Section 3 (2) of (his act specifically provides lhat a child with disability shall have the right to pursue free and compulsory elcmenlar> education. Further. The RTE Amendment Act, 2012 introduced definition of children with disability and other enabling measures.
While a number of initiatives and steps are being taken lo include children with disabilities into the fabric of forma! schooling, it is reiterated that ihe provisions of the RTE Act. 2009 regarding the education of children with special needs (CvvSN) ma> be implemented in true spirit. In (his regard, measures such as formal identification and assessment, barrier free access to, from and within the school, appropriate teaching learning aids in an inclusive classroom etc. are being undertaken. In order to ensure the educational rights of children with special needs, appropriate Government and local authorities should ensure that no school denies admission to children with special needs, thus creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all children.
Stale Government and UT Administrations arc requested to take necessary action in this regard and intimate the Department of School Education & Literacy on ihe steps taken in this direction.
Tel. No. 011-23070837
Copy to: NIC, MHRD for uploading on Shagun Portal.

RTE యాక్ట్ ప్రకారం 6-14 సం.లు గల విద్యార్థులతో పాటుగా ప్రత్యేక అవసరాలు గల పిల్లలకు(CwSN) పాఠశాలలలో ప్రవేశం నిరాకరించరాదని, RTE యాక్ట్ ప్రకారం CwSN విద్యార్థులకు విద్యా సౌకర్యాల కల్పన గూర్చి రాష్ట్రాలకు మార్గదర్శక సూచనలు విడుదల చేసిన జాతీయ మానవ వనరుల అభివృద్ధి మంత్రిత్వ శాఖ డిప్యూటీ కార్యదర్శి రవి కత్యాల్ గారు.

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