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1. General Job Chart of the Village Secretariat Functionaries
1. The Village Secretariat shall function as…
✓ An effective mechanism to deliver services.
✓ A strong & workable channel for implementation of NAVARATHNALU
✓ A mechanism for Transparency and accountability in delivery of government 
services to the citizens
✓ A unit of convergence among departments for providing services at village level.
2. The office of Gram Panchayat will be termed as “Village Secretariat”.
3. All the Village Secretariat Functionaries are the employees of the Local Government and are responsible to the Gram Panchayat.

4. All the Village Secretariat Functionaries shall attend the office daily, duly following office timings i.e. 10.00AM to 5.00PM and they shall plan their day to day activities in a meticulous way to fulfill the administration as well as field work. If necessary, they shall plan the filed visits in such a way (early morning/ late evening) keeping in view the importance of the responsibility/duty/task and also availability of the beneficiaries/ target 
group at household/ community level.

5. The prime duty of the Village Secretariat Functionaries is to provide various Government / other services at the door steps of Citizens and ensure delivery of Navarathnalu.
6. The Panchayat Secretary of each Village Secretariat shall function as the Secretary /convener to the Village Secretariat.
7. Functional assistants shall cross check and verify the sector wise needs/ beneficiaries/ problems of the households identified by the Village Volunteers and shall take steps as shown in the process flow (Figure – 1 & Box - 1)
8. The Panchayat Secretary & functional assistants shall aid & assist Gram Panchayat in performing its functions, while preserving the autonomy of Gram.
9. The Functional Assistants of line departments will function as per the job chart provided and report to Gram Panchayat.
10. All the Village Secretariat Functionaries should maintain a diary of work done every day to be reviewed by the Village Panchayath Authorities. 
11. The functional assistants of Village Secretariat shall participate in Gram Panchayat meetings and Gram Sabhas to enable convergence of their functioning at Gram Panchayat level

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