Tuesday, 5 May 2020

మరో 50% పెంచిన మద్యం ధరలు. మొత్తం 75% ధరల పెరుగుదల.

మరో 50% పెంచిన మద్యం ధరలు. మొత్తం 75% ధరల పెరుగుదల.
Andhra Pradesh government has raised liquor prices by 50 percent, taking the total overall hike in the price of liquor to 75 percent, according to a report by news agency ANI. 
The revised rates will come into effect from today (May 5) afternoon.
The Andhra Pradesh government has enhanced prices of liquor by another 50 per cent on Tuesday, only a day after imposing a 25 per cent hike as shops were reopened in relaxation of the ongoing lockdown.

Special Chief Secretary (Revenue) Rajat Bhargava said the abnormal increase in liquor rates was to 'discourage' people from consumption and safeguard health.

The enhanced rates would come into force with immediate effect, he said. The state government also decided to open liquor outlets from 12 noon, instead of 11 am, till 7 pm.

Sources said the fresh hike (50 per cent) in rates could fetch an additional revenue of Rs 9,000 crore per annum to the cash-starved state government.


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