Friday, 9 October 2020

COVID Appropriate Behaviours – Intensive IEC/BCC Activities - Orders G.O.Rt.No.520 Dated.09/10/2020.

 GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ABSTRACT HM&FW Department – COVID Appropriate Behaviours – Intensive IEC/BCC Activities - Orders - Issued.



Whereas the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) epidemic affecting all the regions of the World as Pandemic. The WHO also classified risk assessment as Very High at the Global level. 

2. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has undertaken several measures including strengthening of surveillance for prevention, containment, and control of COVID-19: Living with the Coronavirus After an intensive activity to control and contain Coronavirus with multiple lockdowns, and gradual unlocking we are at a stage where the number of cases are declining on a day to day basis. However, to further reduce the spread of infection and to effectively contain and control the same a massive communication exercise and behaviour change communication strategy is required to be continued as we have to live with the virus for an year or more. 

Hence there is a need to inculcate the COVID appropriate behaviours such as Wearing of Mask, Maintenance of Social Distancing and Frequent Hand Washing as new normal to keep the virus away. This will enable the communities to be more resilient for any future epidemic. 

To educate people and to inculcate COVID appropriate behaviours,the Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)strategy which was initiated in the State, needs to be further strengthened,continued and scaled- upto contain and control the infection. 

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Activity All HoDs of line-departments dealing with community have been trained virtually and through themmember level trainings were cascaded on RCCE strategy. Information Education Communication (IEC)activity on COVID appropriate behaviours have been completed to 1.06 crore householdsutilising platforms of rural SHGs, urban MEPMA groups, Gram Secretariat and Ward Secretariat (GSWS) staff and volunteers, Anganwadi teachers and workers& NREGA Active job card holders. This process shall be repeated continuously until further orders. 

One round of house to house campaign shall be taken up every month until the pandemic is over. Such house to house campaign shall be monitored by the GSWS department using the IT tool developed. GSWS department to furnish monthly reports to the Government on 5th of every month in the proforma attached as Annexure I Display of Posters and Hoardings All Gram Secretariats and Ward Secretariats to ensure display of posters in GSWS offices, flexies in front of their premises. Panchayat Raj and Municipal Administration Department shall erect hoardings in all public places.

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