Monday 5 October 2020

Procedure of installing DIKSHA APP

 *✨ Procedure of installing DIKSHA APP*

✥ 1. Download DIKSHA APP from play store 

✥ 2. Install

✥ 3. Select language..English

✥ 4. Click on continue 

✥ 5. Select  .. Teacher

✥ 6. Select board.. State Andhra Pradesh.. Submit 

✥ 7. Select medium... English.. Submit 

✥ 8. Select classes you are teaching.. Submit.. Continue

✥ 9.Select..State..District...Submit

✥ 10. Choose a text book to start.. Click on profile ln bottom right side... Login 

✥ 11. Click on REGISTER HERE

✥ 12. Select year of birth..Entet your name..Enter your mobile number..Creat your own password. 

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★ Note..password must contain a minimum  of 8 characters, which includes Capital letters,small letters,numbers and one special character like @$#&¥ etc.

★ Ex.. Gopal@1885

★ Click in the box  I understand and accept  

★ Then click on Register. 

★ You will be registered.

★ Now close the app and open and click on profile. 

★ If your name appears that means you are registered. Now click on courses and follow.

Click here to Download DIKSHA APP


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