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COVID Appropriate behaviors- Intensive IEC/BCC Activities – 27 day Campaign - Orders

 COVID Appropriate behaviors- Intensive IEC/BCC Activities – 27 day Campaign - Orders 

HM& FW Department- COVID Appropriate behaviors- Intensive IEC/BCC Activities – 27 day Campaign - Orders – Issued. 


G.O.RT.No. 425 Dated: 06-08-2021. 

 Read the following: 

1. G.O. Rt.No.520, HM&FW (B2) Dept, dt.09.10.2020. 

2. COVID Instant Order-83, dt.13.10.2020. 

3. COVID Instant Order-83A, dt.17.10.2020. 

4. COVID Instant Order-83B, dt.21.10.2020. 

5. G.O.RT.No.733, HM&FW (B2) Dept, dt.30.11.2020. 

6. G.O. Rt.No. 121, HMFW(B2) dept. dated 22.03.2021. 

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is taking several measures to Contain the spread of COVID-19 in the State by strengthening the Surveillance, Testing, Contract tracing, Treating, COVID Vaccination and extensive campaign on COVID appropriate behaviors. 

2. However, in recent past positive cases are reported in certain regions of the Country and also relaxed behavior of Community is being noticed. Keeping in view of the importance of continuous thrust on COVID appropriate behaviour (CAB), a 27-day Campaign (from 5th August to 31st August 2021) is to be taken up with "theme of no mask no entry" and Coordinated action of Departments with Public interaction and various Socio-Economic groups. 

3. Further, while conducting the 27 day long Campaign focus shall be on inculcating the COVID appropriate behaviors such as Wearing of Mask, Maintenance of Social Distancing and Frequent Hand Washing as normal and avoiding the movement outside home unless warranted. The wide range of IEC material (pamphlets, posters, banners, AV short films, slogans etc prepared by the Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department shall be used while conducting the rallies and press briefings. 

4. Daily activity shall consist of a rally in the morning session at a location reflecting the theme of the day and a press briefing in the evening about the theme of the day indicating the importance of the COVID appropriate behavior. This activity should be conducted by the District Collectors, Superintendents of Police, DM&HOs, DCHS and Superintendent of Teaching/District Hospitals at District Headquarters level, Municipal Commissioners and appropriate Police officers, MHOs, Dy.DM&HOs/Medical Officers at Municipal Corporations/Municipalities level, Sub Collectors/Revenue Divisional Officers and Deputy Superintendents of Police, Dy.DM& HOs at Divisional level and MRO, MPDO, EO (PR&RD) and MO PHCs at Mandal level. 

5. A Day wise campaign for 27 days is appended to this order for strict compliance. The District Collectors shall submit the action taken report to the Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare every day during the Campaign period on the activities taken up during Campaign.

6. All the Spl.Chief Secretaries / Principal Secretaries / Secretaries and all the District Collectors shall implement the above orders scrupulously. 

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