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Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - State Awards Application form pdf Download.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - State Awards Application form pdf and word Download. 

 Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - State/NFTW Awards to the Teachers – Inviting nominations by the interested Teachees Application form pdf . 

Eligibility Criteria:-

1. The Teachers/Head Masters/Teacher Educators who have completed 15 years of minimum service.

2. The Teachers/Head Masters/Teacher Educators who have selected for the District Awards previously.

3. The Teachers/Head Masters/Teacher Educators who have selected for State Awards earlier are not eligible.

4. The teachers who have charges/disciplinary proceedings/criminal cases are not eligible.


1. District Collector represented by JC, Development of the district.CHAIRMAN

2 District Educational Ofcer CONVENOR

3 Principal of DIET MEMBER

4 Eminent Educationist or representative of an NGO MEMBER

5 Any other District Ofcer, MEMBER

The Selection Committees at District level should recommend the teachers duly evolving the performance of the teachers in the given areas of standards.

a. The Academic Standards of his Students. 

b. Teaching Methodology being followed by the teacher. 

c. Innovation done by the teacher. 

d. Special eforts of teacher to improve enrollment, and retention. 

e. Sincerity and Commitment towards the job, like regularity of attendance. 


6. The District Educational Ofcer shall place the proposals received through proper channel i.e. Mandal Educational ofcers and Deputy Educational Ofcers and Principals of DIETs/ IASEs/CTEs/College of Physical Education before the District Selection Committee for selection of the Best Teachers.

7. The recommendations regarding the selected teachers, which should not be more than one teacher from each category, shall be sent to the ofce of the Director of School Education duly flling the Certifcate of antecedents and character, marks awarded to each nomination.

8. The District Selection Committee shall nominate the Teachers and Teacher Educators selected by them to the State Award and they will be honored with Gold Plated Silver Medal, a Shawl and a Merit Certifcate at the State Function.

9. Incomplete and defective proposals shall be summarily be rejected by the District Selection Committees. If any District Committee sends particulars of more than one candidate in each category in deviation of the above instructions, all the nominations from those Districts will be rejected.


10. The schedule of activities shall be as follows: Activity Dates

  •  Receipt of Applications from the individuals at the District Level.29.08.2021 To 01.09.2021. ( 4 Days )
  • Scrutiny & Finalization of Awardees at the District Level.02.09.2021
  •  Submission of Final List to the O/O of DSE 03.09.2021
  • State Function 05.09.2021

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 -State Awards Application form pdf and word Download.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - Application form pdf  Download. 

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - Inviting nominations by the interested teachers – Instructions


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