Tuesday, 17 January 2023

School Attendance (SIMS-AP) Updated Version Download

School Attendance (SIMS-AP) Updated Version Download

School Attendance will have Teacher Attendance, Leave Management and Student Attendance. 

FA 2 All subjects Key Sheets in pdf Download

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Head Master will enroll teacher by taking photos in the school campus. Once Registered, teacher can mark the attendance in the school campus. Teacher can apply for leave, leave on duty, Deputation and approval flow for each type of leave

Class teacher will mark the student attendance. Head master of the respective school will modify if any corrections in student attendance or approve the attendance. 

Attendance for all Stakeholders in School Education Department, Government of AP

School Information Management System

Government of Andhra Pradesh considers the school as a divine place and wants to promote the school as a true learning center to the children. The Government desires to improve the learning outcomes and decrease the dropout rate in all schools by taking up various measures including upgrading the school infrastructure through the implementation of Mana Badi - Nadu Nedu Program. 

The Government wants to develop the school infrastructure in the state in a systematic manner to reach the required standards by involving the parents who are the key stakeholders.

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School Attendance (SIMS-AP) Updated Version Download


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